Our Founder & Father Giovanni Parente

Our father Giovanni Parente established Italcream in 1980 as the first gelato manufacturing company in Las Vegas, Nevada. Growing up in Naples, Italy, as a young boy Giovanni enjoyed a passion for delicious food and sweets. His favorites included classic Neapolitan Margherita Pizza, Babà Napoletano, and homemade gelato made with the freshest local ingredients. Giovanni immigrated to the United States in 1962, moved to Las Vegas and worked in various casinos for ten years before opening The Via Veneto Italian restaurant.

Yearning to enjoy his favorite Italian gelato again, in 1979 Giovanni returned to his native Naples to study with the old school master gelatiaos at the Gran Bar Rivera and learn to make authentic artisan gelato. When Giovanni returned to Las Vegas his reputation for making the finest quality gelato and sorbet attracted several major casino and restaurant clients. A family-owned business, Italcream is dedicated to continuing Giovanni’s legacy of creating the highest quality gelato, sorbets and other frozen treats serving the Las Vegas community and beyond.

Adriano Parante, Artisan Gelataio

Adriano Parente – Artisan Gelataio

At the age of 12, Adriano Parente began helping his father and learning to make authentic gelato from scratch. Giovanni taught his son how to pick and cut the freshest fruit, the processes involved with various recipes and how to blend the ingredients. By age 16 Adriano was working part-time at Italcream, assisted in manufacturing and making deliveries. To advance his culinary knowledge and skills, Adriano enrolled in San Francisco’s California Culinary Academy and graduated in 1995. After working as a chef in various Las Vegas establishments, in 2000 Adriano joined his father full-time and became Italcream’s first official Artisan Gelataio.

In 2011 Adriano assumed management of the family business and continued to expand and enhance the Italcream product line. His refined palate and passion for new product development led to the creation of a variety of unique and popular flavors. In another innovation, Adriano was instrumental in creating one of the first alcohol-infused adult frozen dessert recipes that enables higher levels of alcohol to freeze. Today, Adriano continues to enhance his knowledge of the art of traditional gelato making and enjoys returning to his father’s homeland of Naples, Italy, whenever he has the opportunity.