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What is Gelato Artigianale?

Ice cream was invented in ancient Rome when snow would be brought down from the Italian mountains and flavored to delight the ruling class. In 1533 ice cream was introduced to France when Italy’s Catherine de’ Medici married Henry II and brought her Italian chefs to the French Court. The first ice cream store opened in Italy in 1600. In France, the famous Café Procopio opened in 1686 and features Italian ice cream to this day. Italy remains the world leader in creating frozen desserts, innovative flavors, gelato bases, and dessert-making machinery.

In an English-Italian dictionary “gelato” may translate to ice cream. The artisan of gelato, and the Italcream commitment, is the use of all-natural ingredients, fresh fruits and berries, nuts and milk cream combined with true technology freezing to produce the highest quality possible.