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Italcream has been in the business of bringing traditional artisan gelato to the united states for a long time. Learn a bit about our history and the experience that makes our gelato great.

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A Little History

One may not know this, but ice cream was invented in Italy. It goes back to the days of Nero when they would bring snow down from the mountains and add flavor to it. Gelato was first introduced to France when Catherine de' Medici married Henry II of France and brought with her all the Italian chefs which introduced it to the French Court. The first Gelato store opened in 1600 in Italy and in 1670 Cafe' Procopo opened in France which sold and still today is selling Gelato. Italy has always been and is currently the leader in creating the finest frozen dessert machinery, bases, flavors, and much more.

If one were to look in an Italian dictionary, they would see the word "Gelato" translated to English, means ice cream. The translation is inaccurate as in the U.S., one would have to follow codes such as a minimum of 10% butterfat in order to be called ice cream. Gelato has no codes to follow which can allow someone to create his or her own "Gelato Artigianale".

Artigianale or Artisan means one who combines inventiveness and creativity with technology. The "Artisan of Gelato" is using all natural ingredients combined with the true technology of freezing resulting in the highest quality product available today.