About Italcream

Italcream Inc. was founded in 1980, which made it the first Gelato factory in the State of Nevada. Our clients mainly consist of hotels and restaurants in Las Vegas, a city of hospitality filled with great chefs with different ideas. Italcream Inc. has built a reputation of manufacturing the finest quality Gelato and Sorbetto as well as meeting any special request brought upon us.

It is easy to recognize the “Old World” craftmanship, quality, experience, inventiveness, and freshness that Giovanni Parente has created at Italcream Inc. In addition to creating an unbelievably flavorful product, he has designed many non-dairy, no cholesterol, no fat, and no sugar desserts. That makes it even easier that Italcream Inc. can proudly be labeled as the finest Gelato Artigianale in the U.S.A.

Giovanni Parente

Giovanni Parente

Giovanni Parente was born in Naples, Italy to a famous doctor who died at an early age. In order to feed his family, Giovanni was forced to immigrate. His first stop was Australia where he discovered his true talent and passion in the food industry. He went on to America to educate in his chosen profession. He got his first job at the famous Copacabana in N.Y. and even though inexperienced, he was promoted to supervisor after only two weeks. He continued on with his education working at many famous restaurants until he found his home at the Dunes Hotel in Las Vegas where he worked for 31 years. When the Dunes was demolished he went on to serve as personal Maitre D’ for Debbie Reynolds for 5 years. While maintaining his job, Giovanni, along with 3 other partners, opened the very first original Italian restaurant in Nevada, the Via Veneto, in 1972. It was awarded top stars and hotel executives frequented it, and although it was a success, the partnership went sour and it was forced to close.

Giovanni always pondered why was there Gelato all over the world except in the U.S. He then decided to produce Gelato. So in 1979, he returned to his place of birth to study Gelato at one of the best known Gelaterie, Gran Bar Riviera. In 1980, Italcream Inc. was created. Giovanni started producing Gelato like he was taught using bases and pre-mixes and realized that it was too costly to do. He then started his education to make Gelato from scratch. After extensive research, he transformed his Gelato to Gelato Artigianale. Over time, Giovanni mastered his craft and after 20 years with exposure and the education of the American public, he is finally receiving the recognition he worked so hard to find.

Today, Italcream Inc. is enjoying amazing success and Giovanni Parente, together with his son, Adriano, continue to work to try to make Gelato available all over the U.S.A.